I Piccoli Terriers | About Us
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About Us

Breeding was born in 2000, when my first Jack Russell Terrier was given me: Milo.

I was already aware of this breed because my other passion in addition to dogs is horses, and, as is well known, the Jack Russell is a great racing dog and an infallible mountaineer.

What struck me with this breed is their character: they are lively, enterprising, energetic, clever, very courageous, possess a great intelligence, and succeed in arousing sympathy in everyone.

All my jackpins are ENCI, LIR or LOI pedigree; in breeding there are smooth, broken and coarse, naturally short-legged ones!

The West Highland White Terrier’s affiliation with the Jack Russell Terrier occurred at a later time; the Westy is a fascinating dog looks like a plush doll but actually hides a great character.

As the Jacks are lively and very smart, they usually live together with other dogs with whom they love to play and have fun but the favorite activity they do every day is to follow their human companion wherever and wherever.
As for the puppies, they enter the new fully vaccinated and wormwooded, microchiped and pedigree families.
Of course I will always be available for any information or advice on the growth and education of puppies.

My kennel is born in 2000 when I received my very first Jack Russell: Milo.

I still knew about this breed being that my other great passion is horses and it is well known that the Jack Russell dog is very passionate for a stable and an infallible mouse hunter. I have felt in love with this breed because of its temperament. Jacks are lively, vigorous, sly, brave, they are clever and they are very smart.

All my Jacks have ENCI pedigrees, LIR and LOI; in my kennel there are smooth, rough and broken, short legged Jacks. Some time ago I started breeding West Highland White Terriers; Westie is a very elegant breed and looks like a big doll of plush but in truth it hides a great character. Jacks are lively and very clever, and cohabit without difficulty with other dogs with whom they love to play but the preferred activity that they carry out every day is to follow their human companion.

Speaking about puppies, they make income in the new family fully vaccinated, microchipped and with pedigree. I will be available for every information and suggestion about growing and their education.