I Piccoli Terriers | 5 things you didn’t know about dogs
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5 things you didn’t know about dogs


5 things you didn’t know about dogs


Dogs share a great bonding with human beings. They are so human-friendly that they are called man’s best friend. There are more than 150 dog breeds, classified into 7 different types namely terrier, hound, toy, sporting, non-sporting, working and the herding group. Though most of us love to tame and play with dogs, there are certain facts that we didn’t know about dogs.


  • Dogs can dream: Brain at its structural level is same for dogs and humans and they also share a similar brain wave pattern with us. So there is no wonder that dogs can actually dream. At times most dog owners find their pets flinch or whimper. Also at times, they growl in dream imagining a scary figure or phantom. So here’s the question, do dogs really sense a spirit or bark at something that is dream-created?’ Answers are best known only to the dogs.
  • Wild Relatives: It’s a very strange fact that though they belong to the same family, a wolf can never be tamed, while a dog can always be tamed. Yes, you read it right, wolf, jackal, dhole, fox and 14 other wild animals belong to the dog family. While most animals on the list are classified as wild and cannot be domesticated, only dog seems to be the odd one out.
  • Jealous as a woman: Worldwide a lot of searches prove that dogs can go green with envy when their owners pamper another dog. Dogs can grow extremely jealous when they are being avoided. Dogs, in general, seek a lot of attention and care, and will never rest before they get what they want.
  • The canine and feline aren’t foes: Cats and dogs can actually become quick friends. Most people believe that there is an inborn hatred between the two, which is false. People who domesticate both the animals under the same roof have seen these animals share a great bonding. So the truth is out, cats and dogs aren’t foes anymore.
  • Biological facts: Dogs have 18 muscles in each ear and can hear 4 times better than humans. At fully grown stage dogs have about 42 teeth. Dogs’ sense of smell is 10000 times stronger than humans and the prettiest part is that a clothing that has your scent can comfort your dog for days, preventing separation anxiety. When it comes to the tail, wagging may not always mean they are happy. If it wags its tail towards the left side, it means the dog is frightened. And finally, dogs can see beyond the colors black and white. They can see variants of the color black, blue and yellow. Know More
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